Wilderness Camping – The Myakka Trail

The Myakka Trail includes almost 39 miles of loping trails and is maintained by the Florida Trail Association. Back country roads crisscross through Powerline and Old Railroatrailblaze Wilderness Camping   The Myakka Traild Grades which backpackers and day hikers can combine or portion to form any desired hiking distance. The Horse Trail is also open to hikers.

The Myakka Trail is identified by post or tree painted blazes in orange, or vertical rectangles.  Spur and cross trails are blue blazed. Two vertical blazes indicate a sharp turn in the trail.

Late fall, winter and spring are ideal hiking seasons. Summer periods, especially on the shadeless prairie, can be extremely hot and hikers should be keenly aware of potential heat exhaustion and physical stress.  Insects may be heavy at any time, especially so during rainy periods when trails are often flooded. Always carry sufficient water, map, compass, and wear appropriate clothing & sturdy footwear.

Wilderness Camping
There are six primitive campground locations along The Myakka Trail, with three campsites at each campground location. Camp areas are situated within old oak hammocks, which provide welcome shade, beauty scenery, and bountiful wildlife viewing opportunities.

campsite Wilderness Camping   The Myakka TrailTwo campsites at any of the campground locations can be reserved up to 11 months in advance. Current camping fees are $3 per night for adults, $2 for children under 18 years. A maximum of four campers may occupy any single site or a maximum occupancy of 12 at a campground. Night time navigation can be problematic and confusing so please allow sufficient time to reach your specified campsite by sunset.

Please practice minimum impact camping lessen your influence on the natural environment you are visiting. Keep any camp fires small and use alternatives such as camp stoves whenever possible. Burn only downed and dead wood and practice minimum impact camping. Leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. Treat nature with the utmost respect and dignity.

You can access a full map covering all areas of the park including specific hike, bike, and horse trails; camping, concessions, restrooms and park entrances. (In pdf format – Click HERE)

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  1. Caprice Burtschi on March 17th, 2010 at 11:18 am

    I care about your blog very much. Will read more. Keep up to great posting on it. ty

  2. I was out on this trail for two days and didn’t see another person! It was great! Summer may be hotter and wetter, but if you want some peaces and quiet away from the masses of people it’s the place.
    Just don’t tell too many people about it please?

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