The Jelks Preserve

jelkstrail The Jelks PreserveThe Jelks Preserve, a Myakka River land preservation effort at it’s finest, is a simple park with several miles of trails throughout the 640 acres of Florida Native Habitat. Oak Hammocks, Pine and Scrubby Flatwoods, Seasonal Sloughs and Marshes are scattered throughout the trails which cut through most upland areas and reach a couple points waterfront on the Myakka River. The waterfront areas yield spectacular views where the Myakka River is somewhat wider and lazily meandering.

Trails are for hiking only along a changing sand, forest floor, and grassland terrain. Picnic Tables and Benches are scattered around the outer loop trail. There are NO restroom facilities, Fresh Water supplies, or Garbage collection, so please pack out whatever you pack in and plan your trip accordingly. There are many secondary trails running between the outer loop which offer a myriad of switchbacks to choose from, allowing a great variety of hiking distances based upon your trail choices. A variety of South Florida wildlife is present, and the preserve is considered and excellent birding location.

jelksmyakkariver The Jelks PreserveThe Jelks Peserve is open daily from:

7:30 AM – 8 PM
(April – October)
7:30 AM – 6 PM
(November – March)

The Jelks Preserve is located on the Myakka River at 2300 North River Road in Venice, FL. Take Exit 191-River Road on I-75 and South 1.5 miles, between Venice Avenue and Center Road.
GPS Coordinates (lat, long): 27.090479, -82.337995

The following are PDF brochures:

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  1. I went hiking at Jelks Preserve this morning and on my way back to the parking lot on the loop between posts 13 and 14, two wild pigs ran out across the trail approximately 100 feet in front of me. Only the second one saw me so I moved out of his line of sight, then he followed the other one. It was pretty exciting, but further up the trail I saw a boar tusk laying on the ground. Just how frequent are boar sightings in this preserve?

  2. Wow – A tusk is a nice find!
    Wild pigs are seen regularly at most all preserves in this area. As non-native species that do considerable damage of grounds & fauna, they are considered nuisance animals. Contractors are often utilized in State and county preserves to remove them, but they are so numerous and prolific it’s doubtful their numbers will be significantly reduced.

  3. My wife and I would like to thank Dr. Allan and Dr. Mary for this beautiful perserve. Both doctors took care of our children years ago and now they are taking care of us with this wonderful gift. We want to thank you for a marvelous piece of Florida.

  4. I have video of a small boar with tusks. I was at a location, forget the marker (it was my first time) but I had my Blackberry so I got video of it coming out of the palmettos. I just stood there quiet. It saw me and was about 40′ away. Starred me down a little and I just didnt make any sudden moves and was calm. It turned and went back to seaking out palmetto berries. I saw the cutters and knew I had better be still and not spook it.

  5. Aloha, This location is actually great! Such a beautiful piece of property. I tented overnight and rented a canoe from the campground just up the street ( so was able to see the preserve from both the land and river!

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