Myakka River Otters

The North American River Otter, or Lutra canadensis (their scientific name) are both playful and fairly plentiful along the Myakka River. They make homes out of burrows with multiple entrances close by the waters edge. Otters are mammals most closely related to the weasel, possessing a thick layer of insulating and waterproof fur and are […]

Myakka River Manatees

Manatee are seen often within the dark warm waters of the slow moving and sleepy Myakka River. It’s a practically perfect and natural place for them to be, especially in winter seasons. Manatee are plant eating migratory marine mammals. They prefer warm, slow moving shallow canals, inlets, rivers, and estuaries where vegetation such as water […]

Myakka River Management Coordinating Council

The Myakka River Coordinating Council is Protecting the Myakka River for YOU!