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Fishing Myakka Upper Lake with Capt Jim

Doug’s fly landed inches from the shoreline cover.  He allowed it to sink for several seconds and began to retrieve the baitfish pattern back to the boat.  On the third strip, the line became tight and he raised the rod tip sharply.  Valiantly, the fish fought for its freedom, determined to get into the branches […]

Deer Prairie Creek Preserve

Deer Prairie Creek Preserve possesses 6400 acres, 70 miles of trails, and 6 miles of Myakka River frontage for hikers, bicyclists, and equestrian riders.

CampVenice Retreat

CampVenice Retreat – Waterfront RV, Cabin, and Tent Sites on the Myakka River.

Sleeping Turtles Preserve South

Sleeping Turtles Preserve South is located at the North End of River Road (at I-75 exit#191) In Venice, Florida. Spanning over 214 aces, it’s name derives from early 1800’s navigation maps describing this adjacent section of the Myakka River as “Sleeping Turtles”. As with most waterfront preserve areas, wildlife is abundant. There have been recent […]

Myakka River Manatees

Manatee are seen often within the dark warm waters of the slow moving and sleepy Myakka River. It’s a practically perfect and natural place for them to be, especially in winter seasons. Manatee are plant eating migratory marine mammals. They prefer warm, slow moving shallow canals, inlets, rivers, and estuaries where vegetation such as water […]

Do I need a Fishing License?

Do I need a fishing license for the Myakka River? In most cases the answer is yes. But which license should you obtain?

Boat Ramps & Canoe Kayak

Find Boat Ramps and Canoe & Kayak Launch locations on the Myakka River.

Myakka River Real Time Data

Real-time Myakka River Data over a 7-day period in graph formats listing River Height and River Flow.

Dining Myakka Style

There are just two public waterfront Dining locations along the banks of the Myakka River. Both are located on the North (US 41 area and upward) and both are on the West bank. Both locations offer very nice views of the Myakka River and are approachable either by boat with accessible docking areas, and by […]

Bait & Fuel on the Myakka

There are just a couple places for Fuel & Bait on the Myakka River – But you’ve got to know where to look . . .