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The Myakka River is well protected by state and local management, thus preserving it’s “Wild & Scenic” and  “Florida Outstanding Water” designations. Limits to the infrastructure of boat ramps, canoe & kayak launchesmyakkariverramp1 Boat Ramps & Canoe Kayak help keep river traffic and loading to manageable levels that create the least possible impact on the river corridor. The balance between access to the public and preservation of the natural resource is a constant concern and regular topic for river management members.

There are currently two public access and two private access locations on the Northern Freshwater areas of the Myakka River. The areas furthest North on the river provide the most scenic and least inhabited areas.

The Locations open to the public are:

  • Myakka State Park – Sarasota County Park
    13208 State Rd 72
    Sarasota, FL
    Provides hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing/kayaking, picnicking,  airboat rides, horse trails, and concessions. $User Fee for ramp.
  • Deer Prarie Creek – Sarasota County Park
    1021 S Tamiami Trail
    Venice, FL
    South Entrance ONLY. Provides hand launch for canoes/kayaks into Deer Prarie Creek, a tributary of the Myakka River. Parking, covered picnic facilities, fishing, porta-potties. FREE launch.
  • T Mabry Carlton Preserve – Sarasota County Park
    East Border Rd
    Venice, FL
    Located just east of the Myakka River on the North Side of Border Rd. Provides hand launch for canoes/kayaks, parking, picnic tables. FREE Launch.
  • Snook Haven – Sarasota County Park
    5000 East Venice Avenue
    Venice, FL
    Provides a boat ramp, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, picnicking, restrooms, and a restaurant. $User Fee for ramp.
  • Marina Park
    7030 Chancellor Blvd.
    North Port, FL
    Provides a boat ramp, fishing, picnicking facilities. Has ADA accessible facilities and a floating dock. FREE ramp.
  • El Jobean Park
    4333 Kerrigan Circle
    El Jobean, FL
    Provides a boat ramp, Bait Shop, and Citco Marine Fueling Station. $User fee for ramp.

The Private Locations are:

  • CampVenice Retreat
    4085 East Venice Avenue
    Venice, FL
    Provides a private waterfront camping retreat for RVs, Tents, Cabins, concrete boat ramp, canoe&kayak launch, rental canoes, propane. Launch accessible to guests only.
  • Ramblers Rest
    5000 N River Road
    Venice, FL
    Provides RV sites, Park Model Sites, concrete boat ramp, canoe&kayak launch.

  • Myakka River Oyster Bar
    121 Playmore Dr.
    Venice, FL
    Provides a boat ramp, restaurant, bar.

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  1. I don?t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. Cool site, thanks for the information.

  2. […] The regulations that exist to protect the Myakka River from development and abuse also limit the availability of infrastructure and services such as Boat Ramps, Fuel, Bait, etc.  There are a couple places to get such services – they’re just few and far between. And sometimes a little hidden! You can find locations for Boat Ramps and Canoe/Kayak Launches HERE. […]

  3. driving into the park from River Rd. we were discouraged that the trails were blocked so we couldn’t access areas we’d seen on the map. All we wanted to do was kayak and park the car somewhere. There are pitiful few places to launch a kayak.

  4. You probably tried to launch on a Sunday? It’s unfortunate that they close the launch on Sundays. Since it is Sarasota County park I would suggest contacting your county representative about it. Closing a boat ramp and canoe launch on the weekend just makes no sense.
    There is a new launch location operated by the city of Venice at the East end of Laurel Road. Look for a post here soon about it!

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