Alligators – Myakka River!

Alligators are abundant in all areas of the Myakka River and most of Southwest Florida. These prehistoric looking animals may appear tame and subdued, but they are completely unpredictable cold blooded reptiles and should not be approached, teased, or frightened. Despite their appearance, alligators are extremely quick and agile. They are capable of amazingly fast bursts of speed, if only for a short distance.

gator Alligators   Myakka River!

As with all wildlife, they aren’t likely to bother you if you don’t bother them. So, stay safe and watch from a distance.

Alligators are nocturnal feeders and will eat about anything but they prefer to dine on birds, turtles, fish, snakes, and other prey found in their environment. While they are not officially considered man eaters, they are animals of opportunity and have been known to take prey many times their own size, including humans. Once a gator grows to be an adult, any animal in or near the water is a potential target.

Feeding alligators is extremely dangerous and is a violation of state law (prosecution results in stiff penalties). If you do feed them not only do you wildly increase your chances of being attacked by a cold blooded dinosaur relative, you also get the $500 fine and two months in jail. Feeding alligators makes them lose their fear of people, leading to the necessity of their eventual removal and destruction. If you enjoy seeing alligators and other wildlife in the river area please don’t feed them.

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